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dont u hate it when u have a romantic dream about someone who u never thought about in a romantic way and then u wake up and have some weird crush on them like wtf subconscious why u gotta do this to me

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Nicole Richie filling out an online dating profile for her friend Erin. 

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Me as an old lady. Me now. Me forever.

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I think I might have broken my finger reblogging this. 

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“I could never cheat on anyone. It’s the type of mistake and wrong doing I couldn’t live with. Knowing that you destroyed someone’s trust is bad, but destroying someone’s perspective on love is far too worse.”
- Amino Auditore (via classylane)
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Have you ever had a speculation about something bad and then you find clues that might lead you to believe that the bad thing is really happening and you can’t get it off your mind and it tears you up inside because it’s all you can think about now and you just want it so stop but it won’t and it’s killing you